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Our offices can help you with the following taxpayer issues:

IRS and New York Tax Audits
United States Tax Court & NYS Tax Court Petitions
Appeals of IRS and NYS Tax Notice of Deficiencies
Facing Tax Levies, Liens, and Seizures
Payment Arrangements and Offers in Compromise
Failure to Timely File a Tax Return
Applying for and Retaining 501(c)(3) Status

We are your best source for IRS & New York Tax Defense.

Since the United States Tax Code is extremely complicated all attorneys associated with our law office have received an advanced law degree called a Master of Laws in Taxation. This tax law degree is critical to challenging any new tax assessed by the IRS or the New York State Dept. of Taxation & Finance.

You can rest assured that your Tax Defense Lawyer will provide you with the best possible defense.

No one can anticipate a tax audit or wants to deal with the hassle of a tax appeal, but these misfortunes do happen. It’s imperative to hire a tax lawyer who is dedicated to winning your case or getting you the relief you deserve.

We are your experts on IRS and State tax issues. Our team of licensed tax attorneys has years of experience dealing with IRS & New York State tax audits, appeals, collections, offers in compromise, delinquent tax returns, tax levies, liens and seizures, tax fraud, and tax evasion.

We regularly go to the United States Tax Court and to New York State Tax Conciliation Conferences to defend our Client’s rights.

Our offices are located in Brooklyn, New York and our client base ranges from large corporations to hard working people just like you. If you have a problem with the IRS or State Tax Agencies, we can help. Not sure if you need an attorney for your case? Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to give you a free consultation.

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For years, our law office has been successfully helping our clients. We are passionate about our clients and relentless when it comes to winning your case. Whether you have a simple question about tax appeals or are facing possible jail time for tax fraud, we put in the same amount of effort. No issue is too big or too small for us to handle. Take a look at our Services Page to learn more about what our skilled tax attorneys can do for you.

The moment you receive a letter or phone call from the IRS or NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance, make us the first number you call.

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